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Journalise Tracks To A Successful Online Business, because Tracks Soon Disappear

Our journeys as  Business Men and Women, I hope, will show us and others, the’ Way, What; Where; When; Who; Why and How’  they too can reach their goals be it Millions or even Billions of Pounds.

‘Putting pen to paper’ as the expression goes, can stir up thoughts of fear,  and embarrassment. How can we dare  open and bare all our lives ups and downs, to be naked and expose our faults, as well as our success stories, to in fact be confessing our faults openly to all, who we know not and to those who we do know. To our closest comrades in arms who thought they knew our every step.

Have you wasted a lot of time over the years as I have? Has your journey been long and looking ahead seeming just as long too!  You may even ask yourself the question as I do. Am I insignificant? Who would want to know about me? Can my life story help someone?

Journal Online Business Success Experiences
Journal Online Business Success Experiences

There are visions that we once held inside, whose tracks may have been somewhat washed or blown away by the waters and wind. Are theses still niggling inside? If so then there is hope…

A small light burning deep within, and it’s getting brighter as we speak. How can I keep it in, covered and hidden? This light wants to be exposed, it wants to illuminate my surroundings, to change my position in life and to escape the darkness of our present circumstances.

Yes, do you at times liken your life and those around you as living in darkness?  Why this analogy, because I feel we are living in a false sense of a rich reality.

Having material things on credit or mortgaged to the high heaven, and re-mortgaged at that too! We constantly buy, with very little money and then take most things on loan, hoping to pay it back in the near future.  So that we can have it now, that car, that house, that bag, those shoes, our next meal even!

Meanwhile, there we are owing money from one landlord to the next, yes the bank is a landlord too! Many of us are living under grace, one day the carpet could be taken away from below our feet any day in fact, but this can change.   

So we should ‘Journalise Tracks To A Successful Online Business’, because Tracks Soon Disappear

In the book of Proverbs it states:

30:18 There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not:

30:19 The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.

 You see, what flies parts the air, an aeroplane may leave a path, the serpent may leave pigment of colour on the rock or a trail in the sand, the ship too parts the waves, so too as we walk we leave foot prints in the ground a scent in the way.

Consider this, our experiences are all but for a time, we can learn from them when we look back over our lives. Yet there have been many decisions made in our lives and we cannot think, why we made them, or if we know, why we succumbed to the norm or the expectations of another.

Journalise Experiences
Journalise Experiences

Our journey needs to be penned, I could of waited until I reached my goal of earning my first Billion, and then tell you the story of how I got there.

But as the quote signifies, the pathways are a wonder!

Our lives experiences and its applications should be clearly written not only for us, but more importantly so that the next generation can learn from the footprints we have left in the sand.

Experiences written clearly and truthfully will enable the reader to run with the vision, having a greater understanding of expectations to come.

So I challenge you to take up the pen! The voice recorder or a video, and allow others to see your steps taken in your life.

When the question is asked ‘How did you get there?’ you can respond, ‘Here take, read and learn from my mistakes. Run the race with patience!’

Comment below and let me know how you plan to record your tracks, what do you do?

Laptop Lifestyle
Laptop Lifestyle

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