It’s been some weeks now and my alarm goes off at 05:00 hrs. My body responds with no problem on getting out of bed, however my eyelids still need to catch up. You know what the feeling of small grains of sand are like, covering the surfaces of your eyeballs! Hahaha.

All fired up? Maintaining pace? 

Having so much determination and conviction in pursuing our visions, can sometimes put us in to a predicament. The world of technology is changing as we speak and trying to align our businesses to the digital economy is a must to survive now and in the coming future.

Feeling overwhelmed with information as a beginner learning a digital online business. Involves paying attention to detail and working through various systems to generate an endless flow of targeted leads (customers) to build that successful online business. You’re learning how to target your audience, how to build an email list, getting subscribers to want to buy your products is a lot of work on your own.


Having the best team of mentors on hand is a must. 

For me my mentors are the books beside my bedside table, the excellent Mind Changing Videos on YouTube and the
SFM Digital Online Programme I have chosen to follow where there is a community of real people, not a machine telling you to press the hash key or zero for further assistance!

Feeling overwhelmed with all this help and encouragement at my side! Yes! It happens. Even though I may question myself:

‘Have I taken on too much? or

‘What did I miss along the way that caused this problem to occur?’

Are just a couple of the initial hurdles in acquiring knowledge.

However, I have linked up with like minded people, a great community support mechanism of people who are succeeding and have succeeded in making more than the Six Figure income.

I am learning that at times we will have struggles and feelings of being overwhelmed with it all. This is a process in life!

Come on, we already know life isn’t plain sailing!

I am sure you can remember your first time at the gym on the Cross Trainer or Bike, that first 3 minutes was tough going, but you did it! and how is it now?…

So we can do this! Join the community and get your support to move your Business to the next level.

Network with like minded people!

‘The Law of cause and effect. Albert Einstein observed, ‘Nothing happens until something moves.’

The word LAW is used so much, in our court systems, in governing bodies, in Law of Attraction. In the bible it is often referred to as the Law of Moses.

Law or some say Torah comes from the verb “yarah” in Hebrew.  It is a precept or statute, howbeit, it is also termed as an instruction or direction.

Let us examine this further going down to the root word, we find it is broken down as:

1.       to flow as water

2.       to rain

3.       to throw or shoot

All of these represent movement or an order that, yes, flows as a stream or as the waves of the sea in a particular direction.

Why have I mentioned this? or what has this got to do with me feeling overwhelmed with information as a beginner learning a digital online business. There are passages in life that we must walk through, providing solutions to peoples complaints are our opportunities! instructions are sign posted on the way, that we should pay attention to on our journey to our goals in life.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed with information as a beginner learning a digital online business, let us not forget the flow of opportunities that come our way, the teachings, directions, instructions, let us keep them in mind and act on them. Move and shoot towards your vision you’ll get there. It may take one percent of your inspiration as Thomas Edison once said, but it is ninety nine percent of your personal perspiration.

Master one section of your learning, one small bite-size piece at a time. Chew-on-it, before taking on the next section, that way we can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Comment below and let me know how you overcome times of feeling overwhelmed, what do you do?

Work from where is right for you!

If you’re looking for a great way to learn and earn and are dedicated to your PASSIONS, are a motivated and open minded individual with a go getter mentality and you’re not quitters and want to make extra income, as I am, take that “Stepin2SuccessNow” to help you on your journey.
The internet Lifestyle has helped me to achieve more free time with my family.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you have then, share it with your family and friends.

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