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Roana Harris

Hi I’m Roana Harris

My background is in Human Resources, Specialising in Professional Recruitment, Appraisals  and Personal Development for over 25 years.


“Motivating others through Professional Development. 

Supporting Individuals To Take Action, Creating Lifestyles And The Businesses They Love”.


Real Estate / Property Investments

Coaching Professionals

What are the Outcomes?

Participants will gain demonstrative improvement in their confidence and decision-making skills.
Learn how to Market the Business Achievements, of your team, your geographical reach, presence in different states or countries, your dominance in different products and their different varieties, analysis of business projects, vision and mission statements.
Work on your agenda, company’s overview, hierarchical tree of the business, optimising expert team members actions.
Demonstrate how your business is different from your competitors.
As a business that stands out from the crowd and shows what you are excellent at.

I started my journey into the incredible digital world in July 2017.  I had been listening to a series of videos called “Born Rich” by Bob Proctor. Life had come to a standstill and these videos changed my way of thinking.

I loved the motivational approach to how one’s way of thinking could have such an impact on the development of the way I had thought about money.
I literally took that leap of faith in becoming a digital Mum at 37 years old always! 

I live a busy life with 3 young adults and a husband!
We hope you will achieve all that you focus on and remember being Happy is the greatest form of Success! 

I’m committed to sharing the steps with you, the highs and the lows, So you too can Step in 2 Success and achieve your Goals!

My personal aim is to set up a Holiday Resort in Spain for Orphans and establish an Entrepreneurial Academy for Young Learners.

I wish you all the best in your journey to grow, grow and grow!

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