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brown girl in the ring

My Story – Online Business

My Story – Online Business What’s Your Ring, Who’s inside and do You need to escape or Change parts of the Ring.

What’s Your Ring, Who’s inside and do You need to escape or Change parts of the Ring?

Examine Your Ring and Live a Lifestyle of Your Choosing! 


For most of my life, I had been that ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’. 

A Ring not of my choosing!

I still remember my first day at Infants school, Ashford in Kent. My mother brought me to the school’s main assembly hall. There I was, dressed in a grey pleated short skirt, red long socks, white blouse, and a red cardigan, all buttoned up. I felt special, loved and beautiful, my hair was in 7 plaits. I was smiling from east to west, displaying my brilliant white teeth with a ‘gap in the middle’.

Then came the moment that would change my life forever! My loving, caring mother abandoned me! Well, I felt abandoned, why you may ask? 

It was early, I was the first child to arrive in the hall. The headteacher told me to sit on the floor. There I was in the middle of this huge assembly hall, legs folded crossed on the floor, crying my eyes out!

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I was alone for the first time, this was now my world, I’d make my own decisions from here on. I’d choose my own Ring. 

The minutes that went by felt like hours, before the second child arrived, then the third, fourth, etc… They all sat around me!

The crying ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’, the Only Brown Girl with a gap in the middle of her teeth!

Brown Girl in The Ring - My Story Online Business
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That was it the start of things to come. The Ring of friends or enemies that stayed close by me. Wanting my attention, energy and time, keeping me in their Ring! A Ring of my choosing or so I thought. 

I found that I would always stand out in the Ring. I would walk into a room, sometimes trying to slide in hiding behind others, but to no avail, eyes would turn and stare at me. Especially when I smiled and displayed the ‘gap in the middle of my teeth’.

You see my colour singled me out from the rest of the Ring, down to the ‘gap in the middle of my teeth’.

I was different!

Only Brown girl in the school, I knew I was different. Why? I asked myself.
I knew I was different from the other girls in my school.

Going through school was hard work for me, I wasn’t born with the amazing photographic memory that we all sometimes crave.

I was, however, persistent.

I would say to myself:

“I believe in me, I can do this.” 

Working hard 9 to 5 and more. Learnt work life balance.
Working 9 to 5 and more. Learnt work life balance.
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I finished my studies completing a Human Resources Postgraduate degree. Worked with the most amazing and ambitious people, in whose Ring I played my part to the best of my abilities.

Taking the set number of holidays per year and having Saturdays off. Sundays were almost always occupied by work brought home on Fridays!

This Ring I found myself in was fulfilling another person’s dream.

Completing their Ring of prosperity and not thinking or taking the time to create my own financially, independent secured Ring. 

A Ring where I could have my holidays when I wanted, work in an environment of my choosing, in an office, at home, by a lake or even on the beach. A Ring fulfilling my expectations. A Ring that gives me the ability to assess my progress towards my dreams. 

My Ring is expanding as I continue to learn from great leaders such as:

  • Warren Buffett, who has a great business mind and is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world;
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com and retailing guru;
  • Nelson Mandela, Mandela helped to unite South Africa. He symbolised for all of Africa a commitment to democracy and freedom; last but not least,
  • Sir Richard Branson. Branson brings together business and art and life.

Now I own a home based business and have taken the steps up into learning and developing my own online businesses.

I was a novice at using the Internet to make a living, until I came across an online businesses startup bundle which introduced me to the tools that have taught me how to turn my businesses into an online business that works for me, even when I’m on the Spanish beaches, or in my organic vegetable garden, doing what I enjoy! 

Brown Girl in The Ring - My Story Online Business
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I still end up in places and at tables, where I have to pinch myself and ask, How did I get here?

Still the only ‘Brown Girl with a Gap in the middle of her teeth, but this time it’s My Ring! 

A Ring of my choosing, one full of opportunities, surrounded by positive people and attracting the lifestyle of my choosing. 

You see, my mother always said I would be Rich, and that I would always prosper!

My dad would tell me that I was blessed, that our Heavenly Father gave me a purpose in life ‘To Prosper in all I put my hands to do and to be in a position to bless others’.

So, regardless of the Ring, you may currently find yourself in, like me the ‘Brown Girl with a ‘Gap in the Middle of her teeth’ having ideas and plans unique to me.

I am sure you too! have a unique skill waiting to be shared with the world.

So if you must, change your Ring and start working towards and live the prosperous lifestyle, you deserve! 

Develop Your Ring, and see the differences you can make. 

  • Be Purpose Driven, 
  • Confident,
  • and Successful,

You are the one who could stand out in the Ring. 

Each day expect better of yourself. Anticipate that something great is going to happen.

Believe that greatness comes to you! However great or small, see its potential. 

Be the best You can Be in Your Ring! 

For me, I’ll be The ‘Brown Girl in My Ring’ with a ‘Gap in the Middle of my teeth’.

Your Past doesn’t have to Predict Your Future! Remember, the past gives us information about how we should operate in the future, therefore learn from the past and practice new positive decisions as you create Your Ring. 

  • Think Great thoughts that you’ve never thought before!
  • Say Great things that you’ve never said before!
  • Do Great things you’ve never done before!
  • To become the Real You that you’ve known you’ve always had in you to BE. 

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I hope you have a fabulous life!


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On the journey of becoming a Six Figure Earner, we continually come across a lot of encouraging, and uplifting words of wisdom, helping us to keep up the momentum to Walk in Success, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.

So how do we conceptualise decisions and thoughts into our minds, as much as possible.

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Plethoras of resources are out there and committing them to our mindsets are a challenge at times.

As we learn each bite-size piece of knowledge, we need to commit them to heart and mind? OK, yes! I hear some of you, ‘What is heart and what is mind isn’t it the same thing?’ We’ll go into this aspect later in our journey.

How can we


all the wonderful nuggets?




“Lifting Myself and Others to Achieve Greatness”

Journalise Tracks To A Successful Online Business, because Tracks Soon Disappear

Our journeys as  Business Men and Women, I hope, will show us and others, the’ Way, What; Where; When; Who; Why and How’  they too can reach their goals be it Millions or even Billions of Pounds.

‘Putting pen to paper’ as the expression goes, can stir up thoughts of fear,  and embarrassment. How can we dare  open and bare all our lives ups and downs, to be naked and expose our faults, as well as our success stories, to in fact be confessing our faults openly to all, who we know not and to those who we do know. To our closest comrades in arms who thought they knew our every step.

Have you wasted a lot of time over the years as I have? Has your journey been long and looking ahead seeming just as long too!  You may even ask yourself the question as I do. Am I insignificant? Who would want to know about me? Can my life story help someone?

Journal Online Business Success Experiences
Journal Online Business Success Experiences

There are visions that we once held inside, whose tracks may have been somewhat washed or blown away by the waters and wind. Are theses still niggling inside? If so then there is hope…

A small light burning deep within, and it’s getting brighter as we speak. How can I keep it in, covered and hidden? This light wants to be exposed, it wants to illuminate my surroundings, to change my position in life and to escape the darkness of our present circumstances.

Yes, do you at times liken your life and those around you as living in darkness?  Why this analogy, because I feel we are living in a false sense of a rich reality.

Having material things on credit or mortgaged to the high heaven, and remortgaged at that too! We constantly buy, with very little money and then take most things on loan, hoping to pay it back in the near future.  So that we can have it now, that car, that house, that bag, those shoes, our next meal even!

Meanwhile, there we are owing money from one landlord to the next, yes the bank is a landlord too! Many of us are living under grace, one day the carpet could be taken away from below our feet any day in fact, but this can change.