Welcome One and All!

My journey began on the morning of 9th July 2017, where I came upon a video on YouTube, titled “Born Rich”.  

How does this title resonate with you?

Compare yourself to a mustard seed, it is one of the smallest of all seeds, yet it contains the very essential elements to become a great towering tree, bearing innumerable amounts of fruit/seeds, which in itself bears others.

Mustard Seed to an Oak Tree
Mustard Seed to an Oak Tree

The point I want to make here is that each one of us when born possessed the make up of being “BornRich”

When we take a look at ourselves in the mirror, what do we see, where are we now. what do we have. How do we measure our worth?

I took a look at the mirror and thought, I still have so much more within me to help, serve and give to others.

I would dress up and put on my make up and high heeled shoes, strutting along wearing a smile. There is a song that comes to mind –  “Trade Winds” The verse says,

Trade winds are blowing, blowing around me,

While all around me what do I see

Unhappy faces behind the painted smile

Heartaches and loneliness, dressed up in modern style, 

Make that change with me today!

No longer will I let the current situation, of being in debt, being rejected, living from pay check to pay check, letting the month last longer that the cash in  hand. Come on now, you know what I mean. The paradigms, those habits, fixed ideas, thoughts like how can I make this one Euro/dollar/pound work for me, instead of me working for it. Rather than it being a servant to us!

So walk with me on this journey as I blog, my experiences, feelings and successes as a “Six Figure Entrepreneur” yes I said it cause I am despite what is around me right now, my life shall change for the better!

Let me know how you plan to make that change, what will you do?

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The internet Lifestyle has helped me to achieve more free time with my family.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you have then, share it with your family and friends.

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